Code Enforcement

About Us:

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the administration and enforcement of a wide range of regulations.  This department issues building permits, does plan reviews and conducts inspections of new construction, as well as existing structures for compliance with Township Codes.  This department is also involved with regulations relating to flood plain management, zoning, subdivision/land development and on-lot sewage.  In addition, under the PA Uniform Construction Code, the Code Enforcement Office is responsible for compliance with accessible and useable buildings and facilities requirements.  

In general, building permits are required for all new construction, additions and alterations.  Some specific examples of items requiring permits are: in-ground and above-ground swimming pools over eighteen inches deep, fences over six feet in height, retaining walls over four feet in height and the addition to or relocation of plumbing systems.  Fences are also regulated by the Township Ordinance.  

Under the Township Zoning Ordinance, approval and issuance of Home Occupation Zoning Permits are required for those types of businesses that can be operated out of a residence.

Anyone who is considering building construction or remodeling or who has questions concerning development or use of a property is encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement Office.